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 Chautauqua Association Disciples of Christ

Comfortable and Affordable Lodging in the Heart of Chautauqua


Welcome to the Chautauqua Association of the Disciples of Christ (CADC)!   


Since 1874, we have been hosting guests in our two houses during the Chautauqua Institution summer season. Our year-round Graybiel House, completed in 2019, also offers a comfortable and welcoming venue for autumn, winter, and spring retreats, workshops, and meetings. To inquire about off-season rental of the Graybiel House, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 


While we have a long association with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we are also leaders in Chautauqua’s Interfaith Community, providing affordable lodging and a welcoming community for people of all faiths and all ages. 




The Chautauqua Association of the Disciples of Christ offers much more than just affordable accommodations. We also strive to be a model for community in a rapidly changing world. We are proud of the diversity of peoples, faith traditions, and heritage that come to stay with us. We understand that global community starts with local community, and so we strive to provide a space where people can come together and share their stories, their faith journeys, and what matters to them. This is how we discover our common dreams, visions, and values. This is one way we can find our way forward in a rapidly changing world. 

With the completion of our new year-round Graybiel House in 2019, we are able to fulfill another part of our vision—to be a place where faith and community groups can gather during the off-season months for retreats, workshops, community building, and civil discourse. Chautauqua itself is a place for sharing ideas, learning, and growing. Our vision is to provide a comfortable and intimate space for groups to continue learning and growing together in the autumn, winter, and spring months. Chautauqua is a perfect place for dreams and visions of many people to come alive and begin to manifest!

Read the full report of the 2020 Mission and Vision Committee to the Board. 



Our year-round Graybiel House is ready to welcome you during the 9-week summer season as well as for off-season retreats, workshops, and meetings. Graybiel House offers 17 guest rooms, a beautiful large kitchen suitable for multiple-family use, and an elevator to all floors. All ares are welcome! 


Diane Ballard, Host and Administrator
A Chautauqua Home for Today with a Vision for Tomorrow


Our historic Headquarters House, located just steps away from the Amphitheater, has served as a Chautauqua home for people of all faith traditions for well over 100 years. A large common living room, a cozy dining room, and a small shared kitchen make up the first floor. Cozy guest rooms are located on the second and third floors, with shared bath and toilet facilities on each floor. Each guest room has a small vanity with a sink.


Just behind Headquarters House is our new Graybiel House which opened in the summer of 2019. Fully equipped for all ages, all four floors of the Graybiel House are accessible by an elevator. The first floor includes a comfortable living room and large dining room as well as a kitchen especially designed for multiple-guest use at the same time. The kitchens and dining rooms of both houses are places of great fellowship and fun. The second and third floors of Graybiel House offer guest rooms that include a small vanity with a sink. There are shared bath and toilet facilities on each floor. The fourth floor, especially designed for families, includes several rooms with multiple beds. 


Our Disciples houses offer much more than just a place to stay. They represent a vision for the future. Disciples have been leaders in the interfaith movement at Chautauqua and in welcoming guests from all faiths and races. Global community starts with local community. Our houses provide spaces where diverse peoples can come together. 


The large front porch of Headquarters House and the open design and three porches of Graybiel House invite spontaneous conversations over early morning coffee and sharing impressions after a lecture or concert. The Gathering Deck between the two houses is the perfect spot for early morning coffee, afternoon conversation, and our Friday evening barbecues and pot-luck suppers during the season. It is through our shared time together that we discover our common dreams, visions, and values. These chance meetings are how we find our way forward. 


As a year-round facility, Graybiel House also provides a cozy and affordable off-season retreat space for spiritual and community groups committed to making a difference in the world. It gives us the chance to play an even greater role in creating a world that works for all.  

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Prime Location
Just Steps from the Amphitheater
Light Cooking in Shared Kitchen
Free Wifi
Sink in Room
Shared Bath
Bed Linens and Towels Provided




Staying at the Disciples Houses is like a home away from home. The fellow guests are delightful, the porches are relaxing, and the spirit in the houses is warm and welcoming. Add to that affordable prices and being just steps away from the Amphitheater - it couldn't be better!

Join us!

- Alan Seale

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